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A cryptonote cryptocurrency for all opensource developers

A completely Decentralized, Private, Untraceable cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology.

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Elphyrecoin is a cryptonote cryptocurrency that aims to help all opensource developers with blockchain technology through a humble but concret way of being redeemed for their work.
Opensource world is an awesome place : everybody can participate and propose developpment enhancements, ideas, hacking, etc. Lots of well known softwares are coming from this opensource world (web servers, databases, websites, video and music softwares, picture softwares, social networks, etc.)
Opensource does not mean free (no money) but most of the opensource softwares (that are placed under an opensource license, like GPL for exemple) are free (of charge).
There are several ways to redeem opensource developers for their work (donation for exemple) but most of the time it's volonteer work with the only reward is the joy or the pride of having been able to contribute effectively to the development of a software or a project...
Sometimes it's even expensive for the developper that have to pay for the server or some others services.

It may be time to combine business with pleasure: if the blockchain could allow opensource developers, as part of a parallel economic system, to exchange or buy services, tools, products, wouldn't it be great? This new cryptocurrency wants to focus on this idea ...

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Elphyrecoin is :

ASIC resistant

We are using Cryptonight v7 Algo for ASIC-Resistance

Private and secure

CryptoNote technology is the backbone of Elphyrecoin. It's completely anonymous which means no one can identify who sent the money, who the receiver was and what amount of money was transferred.

Easy to use and Open Source

Elphyrecoin Currency is super-easy to use and open source. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the codebase that was "forked" from Parsicoin. If you have a fix or code change, feel free to submit it as a pull request directly to the "master" branch

Made with Love

You have to make your projects with love these days!


ticker : ELPH
coin supply : 8,589,869,056(8.5 Billions)
block reward : 16,360 ELPH
POW algo : cryptonight v7
difficulty retarget : Every Block
block time : 120 Seconds
depth/maturity : 6 blocks


No premine
0.4% of total supply has been mined on regular way, so that does not affect miners rewards (like some of ForkNote Coins). This would be spent on the project and will help developers.


With help from the upcoming team and contributors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve :
10/18/2018 : Elphyrecoin (re)creation
10/19/2018 : Elphyrecoin launch
10/20/2018 : Elphyrecoin website launch
10/20/2018 : block explorer release
11/2018 : White paper release
12/2018 : GUI wallet release
12/2018 : Exchange applies

The Team

[10/28/18] The Elphyrecoin team consists for now of three members :

citizenz7, creator and maintainer of Elphyrecoin (Network, blockchain, Website, Pool, Linux binaries).

syrius, communication and testing

Sosuke, windows binaries

Source code on Github


Linux & Windows binaries on Github

LINUX Ubuntu 16.04 CLI - v1.2.1
LINUX Ubuntu 18.04 CLI - v1.2.1
Windows CLI - v1.2.1

GUI Wallet Linux Ubuntu 16.04 - v0.0.3
GUI Wallet Linux Ubuntu 18.04 - v0.0.3
GUI Wallet Windows - v0.0.3

If you are updating from 1.2.1 CLI version OR GUI Wallet 0.0.2, please delete your .elphyrecoin db and resync from scratch !

Trading Elphyrecoin

Elphyrecoin is listed on First Crypto Bank (FCB) (update : 20/11/18)

Let's Get In Touch!

Ready to start the project with us? That's great! Send us an email or a Telegram message or a smoke signal... and we will get back to you as soon as possible!