A cryptonote cryptocurrencie for all
Opensource Enthousiasts

The opensource funding coin

A completely Decentralized, Private, Untraceable cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology

What is Elphyrecoin?

Elphyrecoin is a cryptonote cryptocurrency that aims to help all opensource enthousiasts with blockchain technology through a humble but concret way of being redeemed for a work, to buy, sell or exchange services or goods.
Elphyrecoin thus presents itself as a new numerical (or electronic) value having all the characteristics of a "free currency" but based on the blockchain and "valuable" on the marketplaces (exchange).
You may want to "buy" a service from a web developer or sell a web service. You may also mine ELPH coins to get more coins in your wallet ang get "real" money at the end.
So you can use Elphyrecoin with two different objectives: solidarity (trade in services) or financial (sell your ELPH for dollars or euros)

Opensource world is an awesome place : everybody can participate and propose developpment enhancements, ideas, hacking, etc. Lots of well known softwares are coming from this opensource world (web servers, databases, websites, video and music softwares, picture softwares, social networks, etc.)
Opensource does not mean free (no money) but most of the opensource softwares (that are placed under an opensource license, like GPL for exemple) are free (of charge).
There are several ways to redeem opensource work (donation for exemple) but most of the time it's volonteer work with the only reward is the joy or the pride of having been able to contribute effectively to the development of a software or a project...
Sometimes it's even expensive for people that have to pay for the server or some others services.
It may be time to combine business with pleasure: if the blockchain could allow all budding opensource developers, as part of a parallel economic system, to exchange or buy services, tools, products, wouldn't it be great? This new cryptocurrency wants to focus on this idea ...

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Elphyrecoin Quick Features

Elphyrecoin is a simple way to exchange money at very low cost.

ASIC Resistant

Elphyrecoin is using Cryptonight-Turtle POW algorithm (Ultra light) for ASIC resistance

Safe & Secure

CryptoNote technology is the backbone of Elphyrecoin. It's completely anonymous which means no one can identify who sent the money, who the receiver was and what amount of money was transferred.

Easy to use and opensource

Elphyrecoin currency is super-easy to use and open source.

Quick Specs

Ticker = ELPH
Total supply = 250,000,000
Premine = 7.5% (18,250,000)
Block reward = +/- 220
Difficulty target = 120 (2 minutes)
PoW = cryptonight turtle (ultra lite)
Maturity/depth = 60
Mixin = 2
Decimal point = 5
Minimum Fee = 100 (0.0001)

Price on Coingecko

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Create Your Wallet

Download CLI wallet
Download GUI wallet
Use Web Paper wallet
Create your address and start to collect ELPH coins buying them or mining them


Buy & sell

You can trade ELPH on FCB Exchange
BTC Market | LTC Market | DOGE Market

NEW! You can trade ELPH on Finexbox
BTC Market


Send, receive or mine

Your can send and receive coins from all over the world in a very short period of time (seconds). You can earn ELPH coins by mining them with appropriate software (We recommand Xmrstak or Xmrig).

Elphyrecoin Quick Specifications




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